Structure of Essay About Building Construction

There are a lot of types of academic writing. Scroll down below, and discover how to create a top-grade construction building essay that meets all the requirements.


It is the first paragraph where you need to represent your topic, share a thesis statement, and engage a reader. Usually, it takes nearly 10% of the total word count. For instance, if your paper is 1200 words, you need to write at least 120 words introduction.
The main aim of this part is to capture a reader's attention and share the main idea of your paper. If you don't know how to create a compelling essay introduction, feel free to request college assignment help online.

Essay Body

It is the main part of an essay, where you need to deliver your ideas and enclose a topic in more detail. Feel free to break your paper into small topics by using paragraphs. One paragraph should take 100-200 words. Focus on one idea only in each paragraph and use transitions to create an interrupted flow.
Organize all the paragraphs logically if you don't want to confuse a reader. Follow the chronology describing the process of a construction building. Don't forget to support your statements with strong arguments.
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In this part, you have to write one paragraph that takes 10% of the word count. The conclusion should deliver your thesis statement and summarize your essay. Merely, it should be the composed version of your essay for those who missed the main idea and arguments.
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Curial Add-Ons

Reading the post above, you could notice some things that will enhance your paper and improve its quality. Keep on reading and discover what the thesis statement, transition, and citations are.

Thesis Statement

It is the main idea of your essay. To create an A+ paper, you should develop a strong thesis statement that sets limits and defines a particular topic or issue that you will discuss. Some essay builders provide online thesis statements generators to simplify this process.


Enclosing a new idea, you should use transition words that connect all the paragraphs. Transitions help to create a solid essay structure that implies no breaks.


If you don't have a construction building experience, you need to conduct thorough research. Always indicate the sources in your essay by using citations. However, never duplicate the content to avoid plagiarism complaints.

Construction Technology Essay Sample Analysis

Let's explore the construction essay example on the Internet to take a deep dive into this topic. The sample has a well-thought-out structure that shows the building process in the form of milestones.
The author explores the terrain first. Then, he tells about groundworks and foundations. After this, he describes how to build external walls, floors, and roofs in the chronological order. Feel free to use a sample, building an essay about a construction building.